1st KIRTE BATTLE (APRIL 28, 1915)

          The commander of the landing Allied Forces decided to set on an attack with the prejudice that the Turks were not strong enough. The target of the assault was to capture Kirte (Krithia). The allied assault of the British and French troops starting at 8.00 a.m on 28 April 1915 under the cover of the navy lasted until the evening. The British and the French troops were forced to retreat by Turkish counter-attacks. In this battle, the allied forces lost 3.000 mn. 
       Counter-attacks of Turks
       Counter-attacks at Arýburnu Zone
       Turkish Forces which was brought to six regiments with the addition of 33 and 64 regiments. Started to make anattack in the morning of April 27th, 1915 in order to repulse British forces landed in Anafarta Zone. When the attack reached to slopes,it became gradually slow as a result of an effective bombardment of   British-French Battleships and it lost its effectiveness to repel British forces from their trenches. In the morning 

of  May 1st, 1915 an attack was started against British forces who were on the line of Merkeztepe -Sivritepe-Kanlisirt. The battles continued feircely all day and night. Once again, the effective fire support of British Navy, saved the Anzac Army-Corps from begin destroyed.
       Counter-attacks at Seddulbahir Zone
       The counter-attack made under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Zodernstern,the Commander of the Turkish 15th Division at 10.00 p.m on 1-2 May 1915 was a complete blood shed which resulted in failure. Whereupon, the Commander decided to repeat the attack at 10.00 p.m hrs on May 3-4, 1915.
       This time the British-French lines standing against the ferocious Turkish attacks began to get loose and even some Senegalese troops at the French front escaped towards Morto Bay.
       The sun was about to rise when the attacking troops reached to cliffs opening to the sea. Heavy shelling on Turkish troops from the allied battleships caused severe casualties. The 15th Division nearly melted away.
       Whereupon, the attack was ceased and even the Turkish troops had to retire to their former trenches.
      This resulted in the discharge of Lieutenant Colonel Zodernstern, the Commander of the Turkish troops at Seddulbahir area which was renamed as the Southern Group under the command of General Weber, their new Commander. The Arý Burnu Zone was remaned as the Northern Group.