The kanding crafts which carried a brigade of the Australian Division approaching to the Turkish coast under the shelter of battleships and destroyers at 2.45 a.m 25 April 1915 were drifted towards the north due to unpredictable currents and landed at 4.30 a.m on Arı Burnu zone which was an exceptionally broken area, instead of a much easier terrain consisting of a sand beach at Kabatepe Zone.  At the landing area the 2nd Battalion of the 27th Turkish Regiment was positioned and only one company of the battalion was standing against the landing forces.
       Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal, the Commender ofs the 5th Army Reserve Division (the Commender of the 19th Division) who was informed of and watching the action of the allied forces reinforced the 57th Regiment with a mountain battery and dispatched it to Arıburnu are for a counter attack, 

although he had not received any order with that respect; and moved the major part of the 27th Regiment positioned at Eceabat Area towards the landing zone. The Commander of the 5th Army, considering the measures taken by Mustafa Kemal appropriate agreed to have the other regiments of the 19th Division to participate in following counter-attacks.The landing British and French forces began to retreat upon counter-attack of the Turks and were only able to take position on the line joining the west of Kanlısırt-Sıvrıtepe-Merkeztepe-Yukseksırt with the help of backing-up forces and the effective fire support of naval forces.