The victory of Dardanelles impeded the several huhdred year dream of the Russian Tsar to acquire the Straits and disapponted him once more. If the operation at Dardanelles succeded the British and French would leave the Straits to Russia.
The battles of Dardanelles accelerated the Italians to participate in the war, who were intended to take stakes from the Turkish State. On the contrary, the battles of Dardanelles caused Greece and Romania to maintain their impartiality for some more time and caused Bulgaria to participate in the war at the side of Allied States. These political events resulted in defeat of Serbia after a three week battle.
Failure in passing through the Dardanelles prevented the Russia in distress to contact with the Alliance and caused the duration of war to extend two more years which prepared grounds for the Communist Revolution in Russia and leaded to collapse the Tsarist Russia.
This resulted in separation of Europe in two ideologies which constituted the foundations of current polarization.
Prolongation of the war caused the emergence of Russian Revolution and delayed the Alliance to achieve victory which leaded to abstention of the application of that plan contemplating the invasion and fracturing of Germany as put forward in the initial agreements.
Binding huge quantities of land and naval forces supplied from Britain, French and their colonies in the battles of Dardanelles weakened the pressure of the Alliance on the German Western Front and provided invaluable tangible and intangible support for Germany.
The Victory of Dardanelles was an example for the wars of independence initiatedr subsequently by nations under slavery of prudent and prosperous western countries.
The Victory of Dardanelles was the monumental symbol of the power of resistence, sacrifice, the love of homeland and nation of the Turkish soldier and was the unit of valuation of the success achieved against superiorly armed and equipped armies.
The most significant result of the Battles of Dardanelles is that the Turkish Nation and the world get acquainted with the incomparable value and genious of the immortal Ataturk, the great leader of the Turkish Independence War, the founder of the Turkish Republic, and a valuable statesman who positioned the Turkish Nation among civilized nations.
The Victory of Dardanelles allowed the Turkish Nation to find out its identity by providing fame and honor to the Turkish Nation which was considered ill or even dead and became the leadding factor, in a way, for commencement of the War of Independence.