The Battle of Dardanelles have been a scene for lots of unique sceneries of human kind. During the battles, the parties used to rest themselves reciprocally and ascend from their close trenches togather martyrs and corpses. In these rests there had been exchanges or water, cigarette and food between the parties. These reciprocal offerings are the proofs that even in the field of battle the spirit of human kind is kept above everything. One day the water-carrier of 57th Regiment lost his way and found himself in the trenches of enemy. Trying to hide his bewilderment he said "My commander sent me over here, he thought you were in need of water in this hot summer". The soldiers of the other party who were very pleased about it, took the bags of the water-carrier which were full of water and sent him back by loading his mule with canned foods and chocolates. This affectionate event shows how humanistic values take effect on national characters