The allied forces commenced with landing at Seddulbahir at 5.30 a.m on 25 April 1915 under enormous cover of the navy. The first target was to capture Alcıtepe.
       Only a battalion of the Turkish 26th Regiment was located at the site of landing. A handful of Turkish soldiers continuing to defent the area fearlessly despite the horrible short-range shelling of the guns of hundreds of ships surrounding the Seddulbahir zone in the form of a crescent inflicted severe casualtes to allied  troops trying to land on the shore and those who survived could only take position by refugfing in sheltered terrain. 

       The loss of the British and the French was so high that the commanders of the landing troops feared to fail in taking position if they were not backed up.
       A handful of Turkish soldiers with their hearts full of faith and affection of their homeland defended the shores of their country so bravely to deserve the pride of their ancestors and did not allow the landing forces to take a further step.
British Assault in Seddulbahir Zone
       The assault of the British troops starting under enormous cover of the navy. At 4.00 p.m on 27 April 1915 was stopped at Zigindere-Eskihisarlik line some 700-800 meters ahead of the Turkish defense trenches.