The first settlement was founded around 1200 B.C. with the name CRITOTE.
Later, the city was renamed KALLIPOLIS by the Greek trade colonies in the area. The name GALLIPOLI on yhe other hand, has been used since the Middle Ages.
      In course of time, the city was ruled first by the Greeks. the kingdom of Tharece, the kingdom of Pergamon, and finally by the Roman Empire. Under
Byzantine rule, Gallipoli became an important urban centre. In 711 B.C. the
Byzantian Emperor Phillips Bardanes gave order to reconstruct and enlarge the small castle of the city.
      In 1354, the Turks conquered Gallipoli and made it the first Turkish city in
Europe. The city continuded to develope under Turkish rule and became a centre of culture in the 15th Century. The first Turkish shipyard in this century has been established in Gallipoli. However the city was located on a gateway, and thus continious wars reduced the remaininos of the old cultures. Gallipoli was the 19th biggest city in the world in the 18th Century. Today it has only 19.000 people.
      The fierce GALLIPOLI wars in 1915 brought yhe city universal fame and made if one of the most interesting historical places in the world. With its clean and sunny beaches, żnspoiled nature and large variety of seafood, Gallipoli is an interesting and cheap centre of tourism.